Kei Reeves

Kei Reeves holds an M.B.A. and is the mother of two beautiful children, has a fiance and a pup named Cody!  


With the belief that to succeed as an entrepreneur, one must hold multiple streams of viable income, Kei is the owner of several brands and also holds a successful career as a Senior Project Manager Consultant in the Healthcare Industry.


As a result of living a life filled with rough beginnings and an array of setbacks, through guidance and survival skills she found a path to a successful career, sustaining home life and turned her life around for the betterment of her children.  


In turn, Kei (under the pen name of Kei Renae) penned a book entitled “Single Moms Rock! How to Survive and Thrive as a Single Mom”; a how-to guide for single mothers trying to navigate through life and maintain their sanity while raising their children on their own. A difficult task but with Ms. Reeves’ book, the journey can be both rewarding and fulfilling. 

A passion of Kei's is to help women of color realize and celebrate their inner and outer beauty. For this reason, she founded the New Jersey Natural Hair and Beauty Expo; an annual event that promotes health, wellness, and beauty amongst the African American community. Kei also organizes other events for women and entrepreneurs throughout the year. Kei is also the Founder of Keirenae Hair & Body and KHB Beauty.
With one mindset, never stop dreaming, Kei continues to capitalize on her dreams and assist other entrepreneurs along the way! 

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